Liz wrote this letter to herself at the beginning of her last year in the Leo Baeck school

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So, this is it!  Youve finished...  It might be tough to break out of your routine.  I hope you feel prepared and are able to grasp...

In any case, I hope you found the strength, even when things were tough, for what is or was right for you.

I hope you opened up and loved and hated and... felt and got excited, that you achieved and solved and succeeded and also sometimes fell... and were able to pick up the pieces and keep going, that you gained some perspective and found a place for yourself, within yourself... and, of course, that you had fun along the way and are content!...


         Good luck on your exciting new path,

Success in all you do, and never forget -

            the child you were,

            the girl you grew up to be

            and... me.