Irena Barilev's Exhibition

in Memory of Elizabeth Katsman

Picasso Gallery, Castra Center,

Haifa,13-25 September, 2003


Irena Barilev was born in St. Petersburg in 1944. She graduated in 1969, at Repin's Architecture, Art and Sculpture Institute of the Russian Art Academy, Faculty of Art. Since then she has been a member of Artists' Union of Russia. At 1990 Irena made an aliya to Israel.

          Her creations amaze with the variety of styles, motives, the range of emotions and the deep penetration into the essence of the subject. Her perfect skill with the light and color allows her to express the deepest experiences and make the observer wonder about the power of spirit, values and beauty. Irena's paintings were exhibited in Russia (Personal exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russian Union of Artists, 2000), Israel (St. Petersburg Artists' exhibition, Haifa, 2003), Poland, Germany, United States. Many of her works can now be found in private collections around the world.

          During the years in Israel Irena created more then 600 pieces of art, lead master-class and taught tens of students, not only passing them part of her skill but also part of her soul. One of her favorite pupils was Liz Katsman, 17, murdered at March 5th, 2003, in the terrorist attack in bus no. 37, Moria st. Haifa. For Liz Irena was more then a teacher, she was a friend who helped her to find herself on a way to adulthood. Liz wanted to be a designer, loved artistic photography, learned from Irena to see, to understand color, rhythm, composition. At the exhibition some of Elizabeth's photography works will also be displayed.

          Irena Barilev's exhibition is happy event for all her pupils and friends, and for everyone familiar with her art. Liz, to whose memory the exhibition is dedicated, would be delighted.