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Elizabeth Katsman (1985-2003)


Elizabeth (Liz) was born on November 24, 1985 in Russia.  In 1990 she and her family immigrated to Israel and she began attending first grade at the local Leo-Baeck elementary school.  At a very early age Liz became active in the arts, dancing, painting and playing the violin and piano.  When she was 11 she was the only junior dancer in her dance troupe chosen to perform abroad. .

          Liz later focused on studying theatre, first at the Re’ut junior high school and later at Leo-Baeck high school.  She hosted a program on local television and, in her senior year, acted in a movie produced by her friends as a school project.  Many of the parts she was chosen for were very noble characters.  This apparently seemed very natural to her teachers.  Liz, a beautiful girl with long, black curly hair, white skin and deep red lips, was often called “Snow White” by her fellow students.  It isn’t only her looks that made this a fitting name, though. More prominent still was the rare air of nobility about her.  She also had an acute understanding of the people she knew that made her such an important part of so many lives.

          The day after the bombing, when it became known at her school that she had been killed, a spontaneous ceremony in her memory immediately took place.  It was the students who arranged it; her friends who wanted to speak.  A stand was erected with her picture where there was none a moment before, and the yard was full of people holding hands and crying.

          Liz had many dreams and aspirations.  In the army she planned to train infantry soldiers because she was charismatic and loved to teach and guide others.  Liz considered a future as an interior decorator, an architect, an actress ...  She was always looking for how she could best express her talents and creativity “when she grows up”.

          Liz will remain 17 forever.  Talented, special, but beyond all that a loving and greatly loved person.  She was a girl full of life who brought light and strength to all those who knew her.  This is how we will always remember her, with a bright smile and wise, understanding eyes.


We love you, Liz